definitely worth seeing

By SusiqusiNY
Written September 01, 2012
Lots of gore - but that fits with the times - Prohibition. Adults - definitely 18+ Good plot, great actors. Based on a true story - from a book written by a member of the Bondurant family - the key players in this drama.
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Lawless was good

By BeasaBoo
Written June 23, 2017
The movie started out a little slow, but the story was intriguing...even moreso because it was based on a true story. The characters were interesting, and it was worth seeing!
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The Fruits of Tyrannical Prohibition

By SpiritMatter
Written May 05, 2016
This is a realistic slice of the grim history of government corruption and tyranny that got its biggest support durring and because of the prohibition of the recreational chemical, alcohol. Prohibition, then and today, unjustly punishes the responsible users in a lazy effort to get at and rightfully and justly punish the small percentage of abusers. Alcohol consumption actually increased durring prohition! Prohibition puts a spotlight on the substance prohibited and makes it more desirable. Prohibition drives the price up so gangs make more money moving less product and government enforcement branches thrive. The only ones who suffer are poor to middle class families with parents going to prison and the children farmed out to nightmarish child abusing money making foster care by the pedophile CPS. This is why the US has the highest percentage of its population in prison compared to any other country on the planet! The land of the free and home of the brave? Not yet, but one can dream.
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It just wasn't that good.

By hugh_who
Written April 24, 2017
I thought Tom Hardy was great in this movie, unfortunately he wasn't the star of the movie. Shia LaBeouf is the star of the movie and as the movie progressed I realized I didn't care about his character but unfortunately the movie revolved around him. Ultimately I thought the movie lacked as I didn't care about Shia's character and lost interest in the movie. Most of the other actors were great, I'm don't think Shia is leading man material.
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True Story

By cinema cowboy
Written August 31, 2012
I really like this one because it was a true story about bootleggers, mob and law. Good performances by Shia LaBeouf and Tom Hardy. It little love and romance and some violence with home made whiskey in the mix leave this one shy of an award. Go see it
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