By Nytowl09
Written September 02, 2012
Great movie...Good casting with the characters, and great acting. The scenery and the movie sets were very realistic and set the mood for the entire movie. It was very graphic with the violence and the blood shed and had to close my eyes a few times. Tom Hardy played a great role with little words, reminded me of a Kevin Costner type character and acting. Very good with the type of subject matter being featured.
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Tom Hardy is perfection

By gPhreshh
Written September 10, 2012
Not only am i huge Tom Hardy fan, but Shia did an AMAZING job. I got SO INTO this movie I started to get mad an one of the characters. This movie makes you SUPER anxious, I LOVE IT!
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Very Good Movie

By lesliem610
Written September 05, 2012
This was intense 2hr movie but very interesting& different from all the others out there . Love that it was based on true story. Acting was superb! Not for the faint at heart as there is good amount of violence /blood . I loved it!
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Extremely violent

By bonlgrhm
Written December 21, 2014
My husband and I read the reviews before going to see the movie. The reviews we read said it had a lot of violence but we never imagined the amount of violence or how graphic it would be. I gave it a so-so because the acting was really good and the story was good but would have been better if the violence was a bit tamer. Normally when watching a violent movie I can tell myself it is just acting but knowing that this is based on a true story made it quite disturbing. This is a movie that I could not sit through again.
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Good, but prepare for violence

By truegrid
Written September 15, 2012
So, it was not clear from the synopsis before we went that it would have that much violence. However, it was a very good plot to follow, with a basis in a true story. I do not recall seeing the lead person in any other films, but was very good.In fact almost all of the acting is very good. While some might find it ridiculous that these 3 brothers can actually survive, it is relevant to the storyline, and for myself and the group I saw it with, it worked. The only gripe I have is with the does feel almost surreal, and not quite sure how it evolves to that outcome. It may have been in the interest of time, given the length of the movie , to not be able to provide the evolution between one point in time and the ending. As for the "nudity" or "sex" mentions by others...really?!! I found it realistically done, and so seamless to the storyline, that it worked. In fact, more alluded to and occurred off camera.
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