Left unfulfilled

By mbarnes777
Written September 02, 2012
This is one of those kinds of "based on a true story" movies that you can't help thinking the actual true story just might be better than this film. Although the cast is superb, it always felt as if they were being held back, allowing the movie to just skim along the surface of what could have been a much deeper story. Perhaps their target audience are the younger set that just wanted to see LeBeouf in a role unsupported by Optimus Prime and then fill it in with lots of action and mixed facial expressions as he tries to grow emotionally though the scenes. The Optimus Prime in this film is played perfectly by Tom Hardy - deeply moving in his restraint. This is the only character where holding back makes his character stronger and more engaging. Also how was a great actor like Gary Oldham totally unused in this film. I was kept waiting for his character to emerge through the story. All in all, I wanted to know a lot more about these characters and was left unfulfilled.
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great! very intense, loved it

By raptor700r
Written August 30, 2012
loved the movie,Shia Labeouf actually didn't over act in this movie, tom hardy did a good job as always, standout preformance came from the bad guy played by guy pearce. i wasn't sure if this film wasn't going to a bummer, but it was excellent. one warning to someone going to be watching it, it contains a lot of brutal violence.
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By Edshugeo
Written September 05, 2012
Great performances all around, even from Shia (well, he was good). Still not used to seeing Nick Cave's name on a screenwriting credit. He and Hillicoat also collaborated on The Proposition, which was effin' awesome.
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By iReview_movies
Written January 21, 2017
Great movie! I really enjoyed it. Shia did a great job, as usual. happy, sad, angry... all feelings that this movie will make you feel. Go!
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Awesome...minus lebouff

By Devineone316
Written March 26, 2017
i guess the screen play writer intended for the viewer to hate shia lebiuff by the end of the flick but overall this manly man movie rocked!!! the bad guy played his part well but by the end you just wanted to punch shia in the face....
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