An excellent movie

By grana.gina
Written August 30, 2012
I LOVED this film. They constantly kept you on the edge of your seat and always through surprises your way. The three brothers had so much synergy and worked so well together. You create this relationship with each character in your own way and it made the overall movie great. It's definitely an adult movie... lots of blood and cussing.. even nudity.. The director and writer did wonders with the script and filming. Kudos to everyone in the movie.. :)
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By aguirrejerome
Written September 01, 2012
The movie was good but the story line was abit predictable. Shia LeBeouf has been critized lately because he's been bad mouthing big budget productions, he is a good actor but he still needs refinement. Tom Hardy and, of course, Guy Pearce, who has always done "Indie" films shines in this production, Mr. Pearce seems to immerse himself in his character. Shia's character seems "empty" at times, young, strong willed but to his feelings not given a chance to "show himself". He wants Forrest's approval so bad, that's were the film becomes predictable. The cinematography of the back hills of Virginia, during the 1930's, the rough, rawness of survival during Prohibition is excellently shown. Just barely enough money to get by, you see a little bit of the money their making from "Moonshine", but it's the times and they were hard.
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Authentic And Entertaining.

By Alon Patterson
Written August 30, 2012
The story is new. The subject isn't. Still, this film is expensively produced, well written and executed by some really great onscreen talent that do an excellent job of bringing it all together. I found the film engaging and thoroughly entertaining.. It's worth its ticket price. See it. You won't be disappointed.
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definitely worth seeing

By SusiqusiNY
Written September 01, 2012
Lots of gore - but that fits with the times - Prohibition. Adults - definitely 18+ Good plot, great actors. Based on a true story - from a book written by a member of the Bondurant family - the key players in this drama.
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Lawless was good

By BeasaBoo
Written September 05, 2012
The movie started out a little slow, but the story was intriguing...even moreso because it was based on a true story. The characters were interesting, and it was worth seeing!
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