Outstanding acting, incredible legend

By Shepherdess
Written May 29, 2007
I caught this film on a flight in April 2007 at the insistence of the French couple sitting next to me. I was skeptical. To be perfectly honest, I never quite got the devotion of the French to this oddball little singer with the raspy, kind of irritating voice. I was treated to a film that gave me a deeper understaning of this incredible woman and her equally incredible life. To know this life is to listen to her voice in an entirely different way. It sums up the soul of a passionate lover and a true artist who miraculously rose to stardom from a childhood that was dismal beyond words. Marion Cotillard's performance is one of those roles that comes across as being channelled, not acted -- amazingly powerful. It is as if she IS Piaf. The finale left me sobbing -- and celebrating this truly remarkable life.
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Absolutely Fabulous!

By piaffan
Written June 06, 2007
Saw the NY premiere last night, and was it breathtaking! The entire audience was captivated, and all burst into applause at its end. The performances are all remarkable, but a special place in film heaven needs to be reserved for the young star playing Piaf. A riveting, intelligent, enchanting, stirring, and moving portrait of an incredible talent.
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By venemiami
Written January 07, 2008
A very hard story told in an amazing way by the director OLIVIER DAHAN who should be nominated for his great job in this film, in the same way MARION COTILLARD must be called to compete for an OSCAR for her extraordinary role in the movie. She carries the story all the time. I will give nominations also for best COSTUME DESIGN and ART DIRECTION. Worth to watch.
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Superb Cotillard Makes "La Vie"

By artouthere
Written September 10, 2007
I was so happy to find this film playing in a city that art films often find no home in that I ran out the first night to see it. I was not disappointed. Fans of Edith Piaf will cherish this very non-American bio-pic of her life. On the other hand, not a good date movie. I overheard one young woman saying to her escort, "Sorry....!" He responded, "Well, it was unique." Marion Cotillard deserves all the acclaim she has received for this role. She absoultely inhabits it. I was reminded so poignantly at times of the parallels between Piaf and Judy Garland, especially during the on-stage and backstage scenes. If your city, like mine, needs more of these films, see it to support them.
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By neurotiko
Written November 13, 2007
I went and saw this movie trhee time, i loved it every single time, i loved how the movie was plotted out and Marion did a marvelous job doing t he role of Edih, she deserves an oscar, definately!
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