Laughing to the Bank Synopsis
A witty and satirical look at an otherwise realistic issue that African American actors and actresses face due to lack of opportunities and roles that represent African Americans in a positive light.
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By dez332
Has to be the worst movie of the year. Okay, the worst movie of the last ten years....

The worst ever

By paulosantosfiladelfi
The movie theater was empty ... I was wondering, why???? OMG, the worst movie ever!...


By craigbsmith
Complete waste of time and money! I cant believe I actually lasted that long in a empty theater! Brian Hooks should have stayed in hibernation The worst acting and supporting cast ever assembled!...

Oh no. An insult to my sense of humor. Home boy needs to think before he put is name to any kind of **** that will cause him to move to pluto and do is next movie.

By vze3hw7c


By lwalrob
Degrading to women, tacky, unimaginative, slapped-together. I liked Brian Hooks just fine before this movie. If he wanted to do a solo project, he should've put a lot more thought into it. This might...


By proactive2death
This is the worst movie ever!!! The entire cast and crew should be arrested for robbing my time!!! Thank God I didn't waste my money on this CRAP!!!...


By janicedaoud
A great laugh of a movie. Brian Hooks was wonderful. Great sense of humor that a lot of people don't have. A+...

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Rated R | For crude sexual content and pervasive language