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La Traviata at La Scala

Written January 08, 2014
An RAI TV production of the December 2013 opening of the La Scala Season in Milan. Nicely done but My God it was long including a 40 Minute intermission. The Italian to English subtitles were spotty and in general poorly done. The actual opera was very good but took about half of the 3 and a half hour screening. This is what fast forward was invented for
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Opera at Angelika a disappointment

By Jbmayer1
Written January 07, 2014
The first two acts went OK but at the beginning of the third act, the video broke. They did come in and announce that they were trying to fix the problem and they did, but did not start at the point where it stopped. As it was only seconds into the third act, they should have started it from the beginning of the act not at some random point past the place where it stopped. In addition, the rest of the third act was apparently on zoom which meant that very time the actors stood up, their heads were cut off. This is a simple adjustment and had there been an attendant managing the video appropriately, it would have been an easy fix. Finally, as we left the theatre, and several viewers tried to discuss the problems with employees, they were dismissed with comments that the management was well aware of the problems. A better approach might have included an apology or an offer of a nominal comp. I will not watch an opera viewing at this theatre again.
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By Sawabinic
Written January 06, 2014
Singing was very good, but the production was horrible , t he acting was bad and the costumes horrible. The producer tried to have a burlesque performance but the result was a fiasco. What a pity for a Theatro a la Scala performance. We also had technical problems that never completely rectified
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