Over the Hill Actors trying to be funny

By BellyoftheBeast
Written October 31, 2013
My wife liked it but I was not so inclined. I didn't think it was very funny. Old guys getting young girls to ogle over them? Old 70 year old guy punches out young punk? I just didn't think it was funny. Most of the audience seemed to enjoy themselves.
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Last Vegas is first rate

By annpatton
Written July 01, 2016
This was a perfect date movie. I would suggest it for anyone who likes any of these actors. It hits very close to home especially if you are in or around the age group. Highly recommend this movie for everyone. Don't wait to get it on blue ray!
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By awfagan940
Written November 17, 2013
There is nothing like a comedy lineup with some classis actors! Everyone needs some lighthearted laughs in these times, and this is it!!! The oneliners were superb and the mix of actors was fantastic!! The addition of an unexpected role and the surprise ending just added to the plot and made the movie that much better. 2 thumbs up!!!!!!
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WOW...just WOW..

By njlawrn
Written December 02, 2013
4 incredible actors....I started laughing in the first 3 minutes...even my boyfriend walked out of the movie and said it was a GREAT choice...
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Freaking Hilarious!! And No, You Don't To Be a Boomer to Understand!

By sharipierre
Written November 19, 2013
This movie has humor flowing from the first 30 seconds to the last minute of the film. The all-star cast did not disappoint, and whatever they were paid, they deserved it. I agree with the majority that we'll probably never see this caliber of talent together on the screen again, (at least not for a long time!) so you don't want to miss it. The story that lies beneath the one-liners is very heart whelming and believable. There a few things that made me, a Gen Y, think about when it comes to me having to take care of my parents. They presented different angles of the story, and the characters were very rememberable. I'll definitely be adding this to my digital collection.
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