Last Vegas Synopsis
Longtime friends throw a bachelor party in Las Vegas for the last single member of their group.
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50 year old baby boomer

By cmelikyan
Must see movie! Perhaps some people under 40 will consider somewhat boring, but what do they know (most of them)? Excellent actors, a perfect weekend movie-- kind, full of values! Highly recommended!...

This is a must see movie

By Eileenmassarda01
I loved this movie and I laugh from beginning to end. The movie kept my attention throughout. I was so involed with this movie that I forgot to drink my coke and eat my popcorn. I can identify...

Last Vegas

By irelocateyou
One of the funniest movies I have seen in years. Great performance by all actors. Recommend it to everyone who wants a good laugh, well, maybe not for the little ones, nude scenes and foul language...

Last Vegas

By KCQuimby1
Hilarious! Great to see 4 really great actors all acting in roles to match their age and being able to laugh about it. Behind the laughs was a really nice story as well....

Last Vegas

By Lowgear65
We'll probably never see these four great actors together again, and this opportunity should not be missed. Their individual talent shows through, but thy way they interact is the primary delight of...

Last Vegas

By roberta76
One of the most entertaining and enjoyable movies we have seen in a long time. While there was some use of profanity , sexist comments and portrayal of women, the relationship of the four friends...

Laughs Kept Coming

By showstoyou
This is the perfect film for me, my generation. I can relate. Post-boomer fun. Could be the start of a new ;buddy' movie franchise. Sequels, prequels in the works. . . Great script. Real...

Last Vegas

By wgm
It was hilarious, and sad at the same time. All the different subplots were very well written, and the cast was delightfully perfect in their roles. Great movie for adults, but don't take my word for...

Sometime Critic

By diaz2980
It was good to see those actors actually being honest that they are getting old and that they made a movie relating to it. Didn't see hardly any makeup trying to cover up the wrinkles. They were...

Funny Fall Film

By KGonzalez0508
Any red blooded American guy would like to see what stay's in Vegas when it involves parties, women, alcohol and clubbing. Although, the story was a bit touching, the glue was all about Douglas,...

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Rated PG-13 | For Sexual content and language.
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