Absolutely a MUST GO movie

By Holllywood_Theaters_Kille
Written September 16, 2012
You wil laugh, you wll cry, you will cheer loudly even if only in your heart or head, and at the end of it all, you will say "I too have a purpose and THIS Nation of mine is worth defending for the principles upon which it was established! I will not let those who have gone before me die in vain because I chose t stand on the sidelines and do nothing."
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Moving, Powerful Movie - Last Ounce of Courage

By annedcarter
Written September 15, 2012
Kudos to Hellfighters Production for the moving, powerful movie "The Last Ounce Of Courage" which rings so true. The honesty, heartfelt cry for freedom, and the Christian cry for the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ are all a part of the declaration proclaimed in this movie. Thank you, Richard and Gina Headrick for sharing this with us. Every American citizen - especially Christians - should see this movie. What an impact it made on us tonight!! IT WAS ALL ABOUT FREEDOM!! WELL DONE!!
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By elk3837
Written September 16, 2012
This movie is amassing, and it makes more reason to see it, because it is based on the real story - we all were witnesses in real life what happened in Columbia school. When you watch this movie, you are very proud of Americans, you just ready to go with these people. Our Country still has a lot of patriots, who are ready to stand for our values and constitutions! Yes, we were crying and laughing, we enjoyed. All Middle and High Schools must show this movie to their students, and teach them Americans values and constitution! P.S. This movie for children(if young ,with parents explanations before going to movie theater) and adults. The acting, directing, cinematography, writing are very good.
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Last Ounce of Courage Review

By rbabs
Written September 17, 2012
I highly recommend everyone to see this movie. I always try to look at things in a non-partisan way, and believe me it exposes the truth to where this country is headed under this current administration.
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Great Family Movie!

By nelliemsj
Written September 17, 2012
We went with the whole family, ages 3-63, with a couple of teenagers thrown in, and we all enjoyed it! My two teens loved it, their reviews: "It made me cry and I never cry at movies!" (which is true) and "We have to get the DVD as soon as it comes out!" It is a must see, and definitely one we will add to our DVD collection!
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