By Metagat
Written July 24, 2014
Just saw this on Netflix..thank God for Netflix BTW....i was not sure I would like this..but within 15 minutes I was hooked and it kept getting better.. I was a mop of tears by end. This is a message for all of America..a must see!!! Ignore critics reviews, who are they anyway, people who could not get acting jobs ..overblown egos..this movie is loved by Americans and we are the voice of the past present and future.
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Last Ounce of Courage

By jblumel34
Written March 27, 2015
Outstanding movie, good actors and a story relevant to today's politically correct America. Our freedoms are being slowly eroded by a secular society, an anti-religion government and willing accomplices in the media. Every patriotic American will love this film. Young people especially should see this because they are getting the opposite indoctrination in the public schools. Bring extra tissues.
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Everyone should see it!

By sbrown8758
Written March 30, 2015
This movie said what I have been feeling for a long time. Somehow it has become "politicallyl correct" to toss out what this country was founded upon. I liked the line in the movie where Bob tells the Muslims to go ahead and pray 5 times in the town square if they want - but don't tell me I can't hang a cross.
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This was a GREAT movie!!!

By chatter1122
Written August 22, 2014
My husband and I took our 8 yo granddaughter to see the 'Last Ounce of Courage' yesterday. This new movie is playing at only selected theaters and we were happy our favorite theater was one of them. If the movie is playing near you, we HIGHLY recommend going to see it. It was truly an EXCELLENT, encouraging, Christian film. It's rare when we go to the movies where the audience applauds during the show. It was wonderful... very touching. We laughed, we cried.... we rooted for the good guy..... We would DEFINITELY want to see it again.. and again... When it comes out on DVD, we will purchase it for sure. A GREAT movie!!!
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Last ounce of courage

By pat.everroad
Written September 17, 2012
This was the best movie. It demonstrated the freedoms we have and what will happen if we do not protect them. It was patriotic. It was family friendly. Yes, I laughed and I cried and I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. I have and I am telling everyone that I can to be sure and go see it. The acting was very well done. They made you feel the emotion. The writing was right on. I just cannot say enough about how much I appreciate this movie. Besides Chuck Norris approval, my friend and I give our whole heart felt approval. The only disappointment was that there were not more people in the theater to see it. It should be a sold out movie. Anyone that does not like it can not see what is right in front of them or lives in a fantasy world. It is great! Please go see it. See for yourself what it is. Nothing boring about it. Real life struggles.
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