By shomesumsho
Written December 07, 2016
Best movie ever! It was very emotional at times and the ending was sad as well as uplifting. There was not a sound in the Theater when the movie was over. There was dead silence even as the Credits were running, as if we wanted to make sure that we did not miss anything. After the credits had finished everyone broke out into a cheer and applauded for the meaning and hope that this story portrays. And leaves us with the thought, what can I do?! What am I doing?! Very well done Darrel!
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Movie with a great message

By dlcarnes
Written April 27, 2017
My husband and I enjoyed the movie and appreciate the message that we, as Americans, need to protect the freedom that we take for granted. Millions of men and womenn have lost their lives since our country was founded by Christians to build a nation where we can freely worship Jesus Christ. We are one nation under God and we need to fight to keep our God from being ignored and disrespected. Why should we step aside for other gods and other religions just because they don't agree with us? Israel was taken over by other nations over and over again in the old testament because they brought idols (other gods) into their country, so God allowed them to fall. The same is going to happen to our country if we don't stand strong for what we believe in and exalt Jesus as the only true God. We are handing over our forefather's foundational beliefs, and allowing other religions to take over and make the rules. This move will make you want to stand up for what you believe in.
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Last Ounce of Courage- A Must See

By denise.satrape
Written August 30, 2016
Go see this movie. We need to awaken to the fact that we are asleep and the price paid by so many men and women was because of freedom. Great movie. Moved me greatly and I pray that we will be moved to action as never before. Moved me as a parent of two military children to arise and not take lightly the price that was paid over the generations for freedom. It moved me to take action. It moved me to vote in a more focused and serious way. It moved me to pray and fast for a nation that was consecrated to God. It moved me so much. Must see this movie
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Last Ounce of Courage

By mready
Written February 27, 2017
The mainstream media panned it so I figured I would like it. I was wrong...I LOVED it!! If you care about this country and are tired of feeling pushed around because you are a Christian, then go see this movie. It's so obvious how in Amrerica all religions are respected by Christians, but the respect is not reciprocated. Please go see this movie! Then go home and put up our flag and pay respects to all those who have died to protect your right to pray to what ever you call your God, or not to pray at all!
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So relevant to the times we are now living!

By money.marsha
Written January 23, 2017
I just returned from seeing this movie! I can't begin to express the emotion that was released inside me. At the beginning of the movie, I was immediately drawn into the power of a family that had sustained trauma and grief. During the middle of the movie, I began to wonder if this was a Christmas movie like you might see on television during the holiday season. However, before the ending of this movie, I realized that this movie was not about Christmas, but about our freedoms that are slowly disappearing without us even being aware of it! The ending was powerful and compelling! I doubt that there was a dry eye in the theater! After the credits were run, the audience stood up and cheered! Everyone in our great country should see this movie! We should remember that we still have a chance to hold on to the freedom that is ours!
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