Feel the Love

By anothercanard
Written January 14, 2009
The performances in this movie are amazing. You can't go wrong with Emma Thompson and Dustin Hoffman together, really. Poignant, sweet, and heartbreakingly real, it's a must see even if they didn't win best actor/actress in a comedy.
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Marvelous Film

By Joe Critic
Written January 13, 2009
This is a well written, beautifully crafted, brilliantly acted adult romance with two pro's at the top of their game. If you like Dustin Hoffman or Emma Thompson, it's a must see.
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take a chance on Last Chance

By jrocmm
Written January 04, 2009
What a beautiful little film! It was a pleasure to see two actors of a certain age at the top of their form at a time when special effects seem the order of the day. You will be touched, you will laugh and like myself you will most certainly cry especially at the wedding scene and in the last moments of the film. Overall, you will feel uplifted in the end and not sorry that you spent 90 minutes of your life in a dark auditorium with complete strangers....three cheers for Dustin, Emma and the wonderful supporting cast!
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Not bad, harvey

By Ebatthemovies
Written January 12, 2009
Hoffman is his same old self. If you like his style of acting, you'll like this one because it's true-to-form, classic dusty. Thompson was the real acting genious of the film in my opinion. She is funny and absolutely charming. Saying something or saying nothing at all and still managing to make you feel something as the viewer is he major talent. Otherwise, the film mainly consists of these two getting to know each other so it's hard to critique much else. A nice enjoyable film for a Sunday afternoon.
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Last Chance Harvey

By saguaromo
Written January 29, 2009
What was the last movie you saw without the F* bomb in it? well, enjoy this one. It has a half dozen of the Sh* words -- with reason. Go to the movie ONLY if you enjoy character-driven, quiet, heart-pleasing stories. No car chases, no shootings, but great heart and soul. After you've lived a few years and lifetimes, it;s a pleasure to see two actors who can express themselves in words, in silence, in thought and in deed. Precise writing excellently photographed and portrayed.
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