Lassie the Dog

Worked With

Year Name Title
1994 Helen Slater Lassie
1994 Michelle Williams Lassie
1994 Richard Farnsworth Lassie
1994 Frederic Forrest Lassie
1980 Priscilla Barnes Taxi: Fantasy Borough, Part 2
1979 Stephanie Zimbalist The Magic of Lassie
1979 Mike Mazurki The Magic of Lassie
1979 Mickey Rooney The Magic of Lassie
1979 Gene Evans The Magic of Lassie
1979 Alice Faye The Magic of Lassie
1979 James Stewart The Magic of Lassie
1978 Jeanette Nolan Lassie: The New Beginning
1978 Gene Evans Lassie: The New Beginning
1978 David Wayne Lassie: The New Beginning
1978 John McIntire Lassie: The New Beginning
1970 Bruce Bennett Well of Love
1968 Phillip Pine Neeka
1966 MacDonald Carey Voyager
1962 June Lockhart Lassie's Great Adventure
1953 Geraldine Page Hondo
1953 Michael Pate Hondo
1953 John Wayne Hondo
1953 James Arness Hondo
1953 Paul Fix Hondo
1953 Rayford Barnes Hondo
1953 Ward Bond Hondo
1951 Ann Doran The Painted Hills
1951 Paul Kelly The Painted Hills
1949 Donald Crisp Challenge to Lassie
1949 Henry Stephenson Challenge to Lassie
1949 Alan Napier Challenge to Lassie
1949 Reginald Owen Challenge to Lassie
1949 Geraldine Brooks Challenge to Lassie
1949 Edmund Gwenn Challenge to Lassie
1949 Arthur Shields Challenge to Lassie
1949 Johnny Sheffield The Sun Comes Up
1949 Lewis Stone The Sun Comes Up
1949 Mickey Rooney The Sun Comes Up
1949 Jeanette MacDonald The Sun Comes Up
1949 Teddy Infuhr The Sun Comes Up
1949 Dwayne Hickman The Sun Comes Up
1949 Margaret Hamilton The Sun Comes Up
1949 Lloyd Nolan The Sun Comes Up
1949 Edward Peil Sr. The Sun Comes Up
1949 Percy Kilbride The Sun Comes Up
1948 Reginald Owen Hills of Home
1948 Janet Leigh Hills of Home
1948 Edmund Gwenn Hills of Home
1948 Alan Napier Hills of Home
1948 Rhys Williams Hills of Home
1948 David Thursby Hills of Home
1948 Donald Crisp Hills of Home
1946 Minor Watson Courage of Lassie
1946 Frank Morgan Courage of Lassie
1946 Arthur Space Courage of Lassie
1946 Elizabeth Taylor Courage of Lassie
1946 Charles Sullivan Courage of Lassie
1946 Catherine McLeod Courage of Lassie
1946 Carl "Alfalfa" Switzer Courage of Lassie
1946 James Flavin Courage of Lassie
1946 George Cleveland Courage of Lassie
1946 William "Bill" Phillips Courage of Lassie
1946 Harry Davenport Courage of Lassie
1945 June Lockhart Son of Lassie
1945 Peter Lawford Son of Lassie
1945 Terry Moore Son of Lassie
1945 Donald Crisp Son of Lassie
1945 Nils Asther Son of Lassie
1945 Otto Reichow Son of Lassie
1945 Eily Malyon Son of Lassie
1945 Leon Ames Son of Lassie
1945 Nigel Bruce Son of Lassie
1943 Alan Napier Lassie Come Home
1943 Roddy McDowall Lassie Come Home
1943 Elizabeth Taylor Lassie Come Home
1943 Donald Crisp Lassie Come Home
1943 Arthur Shields Lassie Come Home
1943 Elsa Lanchester Lassie Come Home
1943 Dame May Whitty Lassie Come Home
1943 Edmund Gwenn Lassie Come Home
1943 Pat O'Malley Lassie Come Home
1943 Nigel Bruce Lassie Come Home
1921 Richard Barthelmess Tol'able David
1921 Ernest Torrence Tol'able David
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