Gosling is GREAT

By smaher13
Written September 17, 2007
Ryan Gosling does it again -- performance rivals that of his in Half Nelson. Although I expected a full-out knee slapping comedy,I was pleasantly surprised that this is still a heartfelt film. It will have you both laughing and crying with the characters. LOVED it! A must see!
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nothing real here

By eileenie
Written May 23, 2008
aside from the impossible circumstances that serve as the grounds for this movie, the speed of the film is incredibly slow and tests the patience of the viewer with each passing minute. the only good thing i took away from this movie was learning that ryan gosling is an actor with incredible range.
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sweetness itself

By Doctorknowitall
Written January 09, 2008
It's getting to the point where I will see anything with Patricia Clarkson in it. I'm already at that point with Ryan Gosling. This was a great date movie. And it almost turned me into a Talking Heads fan!
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Best Movie I Saw This Year

By serafinagee
Written January 12, 2008
I see alot of movies, but not as many that I love as much as this. The acting is incredible, the script is genius and all in all it is clever, funny and so refreshing to see a movie that is creative and not a Hollywood formula. I liked it so much that I am going again tonight with my boyfriend. It is a must go and Ryan Gosling has started proving himself as an incredibly talented actor.
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By cjtolmie
Written January 12, 2008
Anything with Ryan Gosling is worth checking out. This movie was weird, touching and sweet. Worth seeing. One of the top movies of the year.
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