Larry Joshua
Birth Place:
New York City, NY

Worked With

Year Name Title
2003 Jet Li Cradle 2 the Grave
2003 Tom Arnold Cradle 2 the Grave
2003 Donal Logue ER: Foreign Affairs
2001 Denise Crosby NYPD Blue: Flight of Fancy
2001 Max Perlich NYPD Blue: Flight of Fancy
1997 Lucy Liu NYPD Blue: A Wrenching Experience
1996 Christopher Meloni NYPD Blue: Caulksmanship
1995 Joe Pantoliano NYPD Blue: Boxer Rebellion
1995 Melora Walters NYPD Blue: Dirty Laundry
1995 Andy Romano NYPD Blue: Innuendo
1995 Shirley Knight NYPD Blue: Large Mouth Bass
1994 James Cromwell Romeo Is Bleeding
1994 Lena Olin Romeo Is Bleeding
1994 Gary Oldman Romeo Is Bleeding
1994 Will Patton Romeo Is Bleeding
1994 Peter Boyle Romeo Is Bleeding
1994 Dennis Farina Romeo Is Bleeding
1994 Ron Perlman Romeo Is Bleeding
1994 Roy Scheider Romeo Is Bleeding
1994 Annabella Sciorra Romeo Is Bleeding
1994 Juliette Lewis Romeo Is Bleeding
1994 Alec Baldwin The Shadow
1994 John Lone The Shadow
1994 Jonathan Winters The Shadow
1994 Peter Boyle The Shadow
1994 Tim Curry The Shadow
1994 Penelope Ann Miller The Shadow
1994 Ian McKellen The Shadow
1994 Wesley Snipes Sugar Hill
1994 Ernie Hudson Sugar Hill
1994 Joe Dallesandro Sugar Hill
1994 Vondie Curtis-Hall Sugar Hill
1994 Clarence Williams III Sugar Hill
1994 Abe Vigoda Sugar Hill
1992 William H. Macy Law & Order: Sisters of Mercy
1992 Kevin Dillon A Midnight Clear
1992 Peter Berg A Midnight Clear
1992 Arye Gross A Midnight Clear
1992 John C. McGinley A Midnight Clear
1992 Ethan Hawke A Midnight Clear
1992 Frank Whaley A Midnight Clear
1992 Gary Sinise A Midnight Clear
1992 Clint Eastwood Unforgiven
1992 Saul Rubinek Unforgiven
1992 Gene Hackman Unforgiven
1992 Frances Fisher Unforgiven
1992 Anthony James Unforgiven
1992 Morgan Freeman Unforgiven
1992 Richard Harris Unforgiven
1991 Richard Widmark True Colors
1991 James Spader True Colors
1991 Imogen Stubbs True Colors
1991 Philip Bosco True Colors
1991 Dina Merrill True Colors
1991 Mandy Patinkin True Colors
1991 John Cusack True Colors
1990 Kevin Costner Dances With Wolves
1990 Graham Greene Dances With Wolves
1990 Maury Chaykin Dances With Wolves
1990 Mary McDonnell Dances With Wolves
1990 Randy Quaid Quick Change
1990 Tony Shalhoub Quick Change
1990 Jason Robards, Jr. Quick Change
1990 Kurtwood Smith Quick Change
1990 Jamey Sheridan Quick Change
1990 Bill Murray Quick Change
1990 Stanley Tucci Quick Change
1990 Michael Chapman Quick Change
1990 Geena Davis Quick Change
1990 Philip Bosco Quick Change
1990 Phil Hartman Quick Change
1989 John Goodman Sea of Love
1989 William Hickey Sea of Love
1989 Ellen Barkin Sea of Love
1989 Barbara Baxley Sea of Love
1989 Patricia Barry Sea of Love
1989 Samuel L. Jackson Sea of Love
1989 Richard Jenkins Sea of Love
1989 Michael Rooker Sea of Love
1989 Lorraine Bracco Sea of Love
1989 Al Pacino Sea of Love
1988 John C. McGinley Shakedown
1988 Harold Perrineau, Jr. Shakedown
1988 Peter Weller Shakedown
1988 Paul Bartel Shakedown
1988 Sam Elliott Shakedown
1988 Vondie Curtis-Hall Shakedown
1986 Giancarlo Esposito Rockabye
1986 Jason Alexander Rockabye
1986 Jimmy Smits Rockabye
1986 Lynne Thigpen Rockabye
1986 Rachel Ticotin Rockabye
1983 Holly Hunter Svengali
1983 Jodie Foster Svengali
1983 Elizabeth Ashley Svengali
1983 Peter O'Toole Svengali
1982 John Bentley Still of the Night
1982 Sara Botsford Still of the Night
1982 Roy Scheider Still of the Night
1982 Jessica Tandy Still of the Night
1982 Meryl Streep Still of the Night
1981 Fisher Stevens The Burning
1981 Holly Hunter The Burning
1981 Jason Alexander The Burning
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