LA Phil Live: Gustavo Dudamel and Herbie Hancock Celebrate Gershwin Synopsis
Keyboard legend Herbie Hancock teams with Gustavo Dudamel and the Los Angeles Philharmonic for a high-spirited celebration of quintessential American composer, George Gershwin.

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Gershwin Review

By nemomediagroup
These presentations are invaluable and entertaining to the community. Dudamel is an amazing ambassador of culture and music to the community at large. Mr. Hancock is an icon of contemporary and jazz...

Dudamel and Hancock celebrate Gershwin

By lulugriffin
Laughed and cried. The music was overwhelming. Herbie's Someone to Watch over me was mesmerizing. The classic Rhapsody in Blue never takes you over completely and you just want to...

Gustavo Dudamel and Herbie Hancock Celebrate Gershwin

By wfonvill
Excellent experience. Treated as if we were at the actual event with the audience noise before and after along with the intermission. We don't normally care for Gershwin but the way it was...

Gustavo Dudamel and Herbie Hancock Celebrate Gershwin

By mimibaarsenault
This is the 2nd time that I have attended an LA Phil live concert broadcast. The concert was phenomenal. Gustavo is probably the greatest conductor of the 21st century. As a musician it is...

LA PHIL Live, Gustavo Dudamel and Herbie Hancock Celebrate Gershwin

By pflanigjan3
Gustavo Dudamel and Herbie Hancock were so so so wonderful. We was so thrilled to see Gustavo in rehearsal with the orchestra. The music was wonderful and seeing the event at our local...

Dudamel plays Gershwin

By carbon60
This was a terrific broadcast of a live performance of Gershwin's Cuban Overture, American in Paris, and Rhapsody in Blue with Herbie Hancock. The performances were outstanding in every respect. These...

Gustavo Dudamel & herbie Hancock was a terrific well-planned and executed offering.

By jwhaun
I attended with another classical music fan who happened to know the CEO of LAPHILHARMONIC Deborah who was formerly the executive officer for the San Francisco Orchestra and then moved to LA...

Celebration of Gershwin

By annamt
Excellent! I would like to see it again and again! Aside from hearing the GREAT music, I learned so much about Gershwin. Before seeing the movie, I just knew I loved his music; now, I am also in awe...

Gustavo Dudamel and Herbie Hancock Celebrate Gerswhwin

By jeanjp
I never want to attend another symphony any other way! It was thrilling to be immersed in the orchestra, to hear every nuance of the music because you could see the predominant players and...

Unique Gershwin Experience

By redbird825aolcom
What a gift. To spend an afternoon in the company of Dudamel and Herbie Hancock, musicians extraordinaire. Behind the scenes at rehearsals with Dudamel's superb teaching skills to get the most from...

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