LA Phil Live: Dudamel conducts Mahler Encore

By ming7383jim
Written March 01, 2012
The theatre- Regal Theatre at Union Square NYC did not do justice to the magnificent sound of this concert. I wish the organizer made sure that they engaged venues that has better acoustic since the experience is less satisfying. It is a shame and a waste
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Sound was too thin!

By luigi50
Written March 05, 2012
I love Mahler and this was my first time going to the cinema to hear a concert. I was thrilled to go to Mahler's 8th expecting to get wonderful sound, but unfortunately it was extremely thin and hollow. I can get better miles better sound out of my cheap home speakers. Maybe it was that cinema in particular, Regal Fiesta 16 at Vance Jackson, San Antonio, but I was very disappointed because of the poor sound, the very reason why I went to see it.
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Terrible Sound at Movei Theatre - Dudamel Mahler Encore

By nanjoseph
Written March 01, 2012
We sat at back of the theatre and the sound system was terrible. Flat. Volume was severely decreased. Don't think speakers were working in back or sides of the theatre. No other seats available or we would have moved. Never had this happen before. This is all about a hearing experience of Mahler's 8th Symphony and it was dismal.
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Dudamel conducts Mahler

By dmorabrito
Written March 01, 2012
The concert was truly magnificent. I saw it live in Los Angeles and Caracas, and then in a movie theater in Washington, D.C. The broadcasting was great. Volume should have been higher, though. And then the audience was so old! Fandango should better promote the participation/attendance of younger people to these events.
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Good, but should have been great!

By fdc40
Written February 09, 2016
LA Phil Live: Dudamel conducts Mahler should have been a wonderful evening, but something was wrong with the surround-sound at the Regal Union Square Cinema. Although the interviews and previews with musicians from the 2 participating orchestras were fascinating & heart-warming, the broadcast of the actual performance was a disappointment. John LIthgow, as the host, was a bit too enthusiastic for my taste; but that's not the reason for my "So-So" review.
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