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Slush and circumstance

By sfdoctor
Written June 07, 2011
Tchaikovsky's Shakespeare largely worked for me, especially "Romeo and Juliet." The others were kind of slushy, but the actors and orchestra were great. I can't say much for the "added features," however, and the view of Disney Hall is not overwhelming. Much to my surprise, the sound system (in Aliso Viejo) was very good, more "surrounding" than at most locations in a concert hall, and the price was much lower. If you don't like classical music, don't go, but don't complain that theatres are adding the LAPhil and the Met to their repertoire. ----- The pieces by Brahms in June were far from lullabies. The fabulous Cabuchon brothers did themselves proud in the double concerto and the rafters rang as well with praise for the Dud and Symphony #4. The audience in Aliso Viejo, whose age must have averaged at least 60 (my wife and I are past that), applauded for a tv image (!), not quite up to the standing ovations for both pieces at Disney Hall
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@ Sahar Depp

By xtophr
Written May 20, 2011
Really?! Your interests are so narrow that they only include current pop culture? Dudamel is so popular in conducting that he is actually considered a rockstar. Really. I'm not making this up. But you wouldn't know that. Why did you even click on something that you weren't even interested in? Normal people don't flame things that are irrelevant to them. Go back to listening to Lady Gaga.
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Only once in a generation...

By FireWired
Written June 05, 2011
Only once in a generation does a conductor stand-out enough to lovingly be called, "MAESTRO!" Dudamel is the new MAESTRO of the 21st century! His music is a passion that transfers the audience into new realms of excitement. BRAVO!
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LA Phil Live

By Retired_and loving it
Written June 07, 2011
Fabulous concert!!! What a way to enjoy music!! First class musicians!! Wonderful sounds and great to have close up views of the artists and back stage interviews!!
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LA: Dudamel Brahms June 5, 2011

By lesliedg
Written June 06, 2011
Way too much chit chat by John Lithgow. Need to cut back on this. i realize that we need to save classical music and that Dudamel cannot do it alone. john Mann
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