Lanny Flaherty

Worked With

Year Name Title
2014 Michael C. Hall Cold in July
2014 Sam Shepard Cold in July
2014 Don Johnson Cold in July
2012 Emma Thompson Men in Black 3
2012 Tommy Lee Jones Men in Black 3
2012 Josh Brolin Men in Black 3
2012 Barry Sonnenfeld Men in Black 3
2012 Rick Baker Men in Black 3
2012 Will Smith Men in Black 3
2002 Joaquin Phoenix Signs
2002 M. Night Shyamalan Signs
2002 Cherry Jones Signs
2002 Mel Gibson Signs
1998 Jake Busey Home Fries
1998 Shelley Duvall Home Fries
1998 Drew Barrymore Home Fries
1998 Luke Wilson Home Fries
1998 Catherine O'Hara Home Fries
1997 Martin Short A Simple Wish
1997 Kathleen Turner A Simple Wish
1997 Amanda Plummer A Simple Wish
1997 Teri Garr A Simple Wish
1997 Ruby Dee A Simple Wish
1996 Jonathan Taylor Thomas Tom and Huck
1995 Laurence Fishburne Waterworld
1995 Michael Jeter Waterworld
1995 Zakes Mokae Waterworld
1995 Kevin Costner Waterworld
1995 Jack Black Waterworld
1995 Dennis Hopper Waterworld
1995 Jeanne Tripplehorn Waterworld
1994 Robert Downey, Jr. Natural Born Killers
1994 Steven Wright Natural Born Killers
1994 Arliss Howard Natural Born Killers
1994 Rodney Dangerfield Natural Born Killers
1994 Rachel Ticotin Natural Born Killers
1994 Jack Palance Natural Born Killers
1994 Pruitt Taylor Vince Natural Born Killers
1994 Tom Sizemore Natural Born Killers
1994 Ashley Judd Natural Born Killers
1994 Denis Leary Natural Born Killers
1994 Tommy Lee Jones Natural Born Killers
1994 Edie McClurg Natural Born Killers
1994 Woody Harrelson Natural Born Killers
1994 Jared Harris Natural Born Killers
1994 Juliette Lewis Natural Born Killers
1994 Mark Harmon Natural Born Killers
1993 Delroy Lindo Blood In Blood Out
1993 Benjamin Bratt Blood In Blood Out
1993 Billy Bob Thornton Blood In Blood Out
1993 Richard Masur Blood In Blood Out
1993 Ving Rhames Blood In Blood Out
1993 Maury Chaykin Sommersby
1993 James Earl Jones Sommersby
1993 William Windom Sommersby
1993 Bill Pullman Sommersby
1993 R. Lee Ermey Sommersby
1993 Richard Gere Sommersby
1993 Jodie Foster Sommersby
1991 Vanessa Redgrave The Ballad of the Sad Cafe
1991 Rod Steiger The Ballad of the Sad Cafe
1991 Keith Carradine The Ballad of the Sad Cafe
1990 Gabriel Byrne Miller's Crossing
1990 Steve Buscemi Miller's Crossing
1990 Albert Finney Miller's Crossing
1990 Marcia Gay Harden Miller's Crossing
1990 John Turturro Miller's Crossing
1990 Jon Polito Miller's Crossing
1990 Michael Jeter Miller's Crossing
1990 Frances McDormand Miller's Crossing
1989 Wallace Shawn The Cosby Show: The Day the Spores Landed
1989 Lynn Stalmaster Winter People
1989 Kurt Russell Winter People
1989 Lloyd Bridges Winter People
1989 Kelly McGillis Winter People
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