LAND OF THE LOST - Totally CLUELESS! Grade: 0.5 out of 20 Popcorns! (PER ADVANCE MOVIE PREVIEW)

Written June 09, 2009
I just attended the advance press premiere of this UTTERLY ASININE DUMB re-imagined/re-make of the classic TV series . I sat through the entire 93-min utterly bored to my eye-balls. Will Ferrell is indeed a hit-or-miss - and LAND OF THE LOST missed - BIG time. The plot is juvenile-silly - devoid of any redemptive qualities - and the humor, sophomoric. CGI was below average and the entire production was JUNK. LAND OF THE LOST - is the WORST most reviled movie I've watched this year. To those folks that HAVE NOT watched this movie yet gave this movie a 'GO' or 'MUST GO' - how in the world could anyone actually rate movies that they HAVEN'T watched yet???
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FUNNIER THAN THE HANG OVER (and I loved the hangover)

By fishguts56
Written June 21, 2009
Before I begin this let me say that I am an award winning college filmmaker and an avid movie goer. I went into LOTL with little expectations thinking it would be another chance for Will Ferrell to prove he still is funny. If you did not like STEP BROTHERS then I suggest you stop reading this review now. Just like Step Brothers this movie BLEW ME OUT OF THE WATER. My sides hurt I was laughing so hard. I left the movie thinking that LOTL might have actually possibly been funnier than that of The Hangover. Will Ferrell is absolutely hilarious and his co star Danny McBride is possibly just as funny as Ferrell. Now mind you that I had very little interest in the original Land Of The Lost and knew barely any thing about it. This movie is perfect for teens and is not a little kids movie.
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By Dark_Chameleon
Written June 03, 2009
I, like you want information about a movie that just came out or if I want a review before it comes out I'll read a movie magazine, the one thing I wont read is a review from someone I dont know weeks in advance of that release saying they saw the preview, some of the so called previewers can't produce anything more tangable then something from the trailer we have seen or can see on this very site. If they say they dont like the movie do we really care...we need information not bias, we dont come to Fandango to listen to peoples ideas of what they THINK a movie will be like....true I have seen my fair share of dull or badly made movies and as one who likes to go to day one releases and living on the east coast I see them usually before others so dont have the reviews to judge wether to watch or not but at times I se a movie later I actually read your reviews and appreciate them as I hope you appreciate mine. My reviews are from one who has just finished watching the movie
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Very campy, but just glad they finally did it.

By Loueber
Written February 10, 2009
Since i am a BIG fan of LOTL.. (Grown up on the original series) I waited years, if not decades to finally see a remake or even some continuation of the story. I like will Farrell, and i cant technically rate it since i haven't seen it, but being the #1 fan (hehehe) i will say i am disappointed for it being so campy and comical, yet at the same time im very GLAD to see that the premise, as well as the sleestak, are included in the movie! I think for all of us true fans, unlike my cousin who still cant even watch the original series dvds on his old dvd player, are glad to see it! So all the true LOTL fans should see it, even if they dont like it, it will add to the sales, and when that happens, it might revive the true series, or at least bring the original cast members out of hiding to do cameos, or maybe a made for tv movie. we never did find out what happened to RM when he fell through that time doorway, did he make it home? And if he did, did he ever stop searching to get back?
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Good or Bad?

By seebothsides
Written June 24, 2009
When I saw the previews for this movie, it looked really funny. Even my family wanted to see it. That's when I made my mistake. I thought that this movie would be farely clean. I was wrong. It's Will Ferell, he's going to be innapropiate, he's going to be fowl. It's the way he does humor. Did you ever see him on SNL? I considered it a pretty funny movie. I laughed through the whole thing. I didn't laughed uncontrollably, but it was funny. Now, I'v read several reviews here and some of them say, "It's horrible! Don't waste your money!" "Worst movie ever!" and others, "Best movie of the year!" "I can't wait till it comes out on DVD!" OBVIOUSLY, you really don't know what you're going to get when you go to see this movie. There people out there who like crude humor, and there are people out there who like clean family fun humor. My advice, if you like Will Ferell and crude humor, go see it. If you don't, don't waste your money or wait till it comes out on DVD.
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