By skmurphy33496
Written November 19, 2014
I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. The story was fun and light and very meaningful. The scenery was beautiful and the music.......the music left me wanting more music! You must watch it to the end in order to receive its message. Very engaging and delightful....Refreshing!
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Land Ho

By dhstx
Written November 19, 2014
Not the most exciting movie, but probably a truer story than you might imagine. Comes complete with real feelings and real explitives used by two men who were retired, close friends and wanted to escape loneliness. And they did this in Iceland, of all places. It's kind of slow, but if you can relate, want entertainment and a travelog of some place you may never see, I liked it. It's rated R (language) and rightfully so....and is something more for the senior citizen set.
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Land ho!

By barbaracthomas
Written November 19, 2014
Slow...but sweet story. Most of the story-line was shown in the previews....seemed like an an Iceland Travel-log.
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Land Ho

By art19
Written November 19, 2014
Beautiful scenery of Iceland. The story is pointless and one of the men is really obnoxious. Nothing really happens in this movie. Not satisfying.
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Sweet and Funny! Don't Miss Land Ho!

Written November 19, 2014
Refreshingly different! A real feel good movie! A modern day "Buddy Road Trip Comedy". This is a sweet story about two old friends and the journey that brings them back to themselves...many funny moments throughout! I laughed, got a tear or two, and wished the movie was not over, when it was! The scenery is beautiful, the cinematography is amazing, and the music (soundtrack) will leave you wanting more! This is a beautiful Indie movie with a quiet message. You'll be sorry if you miss this one! I loved it!
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