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By thefedz209
Written July 07, 2013
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"La Mission" a look into the world of Gay & Lesbian Youth

By 1supermariobro
Written June 18, 2010
First I want to thank the screenwriters for a dead-on portrayal that LGBT youth experience. No one wants to disappoint their parents at any time. This story line transcends cultural and ethnic lines as youth and parent contend with their conflicts and to some extent resolutions. How do we deal with this issue of homosexuality in and out of the family unit. It (the issue of homosexuality) is almost always an issue of family violence, mistrust, and banishment. I wish that parents view this film as a learning tool, and learn to love their children without condition.
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La Mission is mas firme!

By ChixwithStixandFlix
Written May 08, 2010
Okay, so I'm not Latina BUT I did grow up in La Mission during the mid-80's and attended Mission High School. This movie was truly a powerful picture. I got a little choked up seeing my old stomping grounds, alma mater, and familiar businesses (La Palma..the BEST nacatamales out there). Ben Bratt was amazing in this film, and his character unflinching. The storyline is current, raw, and touching. I love seeing all the lowriders and the casting PERFECT as each character seemed very real. Che's homies in the movie seem like homies I would have hung with back in the day. Excellent choice of music in the movie, and it is a movie that simply stays with you long after it's over. FINALLY, a real movie about The Mission district which captures the beauty, culture, essence of a unique section of SF. If you would've told me back in my cholita days (ahem, okso I was a wannabe) that a movie would be made in 20 years where lowriders are running on vegetable oil I would have said "Chale!", eh!
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La mission is great!

By Leora1
Written May 03, 2010
Moving and surprisingly more complex than expected - touches on almost every touchy subject out there!
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La Mission

By ElvaA
Written May 17, 2010
The film was a beautiful work of art. The cars were amazingly beautiful but it was the underlying story that made it all work. We all struggle with our personal circumstances and what we are told we should do and who we should be. The film showed that you should listen to your heart it will never mislead you, now you mind it will confuse you. I certainly feel that it is a film that pre-teens and up would be able to relate to. I feel inner city people might relate better to it than suburbities. In the inner city we all know who lives in certain areas and most of the time we are good with that. This makes one faction more real and human and fragile. Being different has a price and sometimes it is a high one to pay yet it somehow will set you free.
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