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La La Land Synopsis
A jazz pianist and an aspiring actress fall in love but face difficulties as they become successful.
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Easily the best movie of 2016

By s6965
I had high expectation going in and my expectation was met 10 folds. Finally a musical with great songs and truly attractive leads that have a realistic ending. This movie grab you from the opening...

Grazed her chest

By joecarlucci
Typically when I watch a movie I give a bit of time for plot building... An hour and half in I realized I was in the same state of boredom as the first half hour... while reaching for my coat I...

A cinematic gem!

By christita
What a wonderful movie. Two hours flew by. The story is a classic love tale with some very memorable dance scenes. I was very impressed by Mr. Gosling's piano playing. Some scenes reminded me of Fred...


By david_m_home
Yes, vocals are a huge issue with regard to the lead actors (Godling and Stone), but the entire film transcends modern conceptions of filmmaking. It is whimsical, depressing, cathartic, and inspiring...

Dreams Can Be Real

By mgreen818
Fun to experience, and then so much to think about. With a likable involving relationship at its heart, even on very familiar story terrain, "LA LA LAND" displays a gallery of fresh styles and tones...


By susanbhp
I found this film to be very boring and the music was repetitive and not memorable at all. I couldn't wait for the film to be over....

Boring and tortuous

By ronjensieger
I love musicals so I was expecting to truly enjoy this film. The opening number for the movie was really great. It went downhill from there. The performances from Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone were...

Very Boring

By joegajc
Very slow moving and boring movie. Dance and musical scenes were few and lacked energy. Plot was very predictable and seemed to drag on. Many people sitting around me were dozing off about midway...

This review contains spoilers

By anoop963
Lately I've been watching a number of movies where the preview makes it look like an upbeat movie but the movie takes a turn and ends on a depressing note. This is one of those movies. I went there...

If you love musicals

By jerzeeshore
I loved musicals since I was a kid. But until recently there hasn't been only a few new ones. It was a surprise to see Ryan sing,dance and play the piano. I thought Emma's singing was questionable...

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Rated PG-13 | For Some Language
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Common Sense Media says Profound, beautiful film about love and creativity.
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