Lakeview Terrace Synopsis
A police officer goes to great lengths to force out the interracial couple next door.
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By Axe Man Jack
I wasn't prepared for this. It was hilarious on so many levels. The racial humor was in your face and I was sniffing oscar until its unrealistic and predictable end. Jackson is a bigtime jerk....

Looks Awesome!

By SamuelJacksonMegafan
Come on this movie will by far be the #1 movie of the year simply because it has Samuel Jackson. There has never been such a fine actor who can play so many versatile rolls. Think about it, jedi...

i thought it was going to be a not what it seems story

By Caveboy0
i thought this movie was going to be like it seems like he doesn't like the neighbors but its actually about the house. sadly it looks like its going to be like what it looks to be about and that is...


By angie78090
I thought Samuel L Jackson's character was awesome. The movie had a lot of twist and turns which kept me totally enthralled. In some instances I actually had sympathy for his character it was very...

Leaving Lakeview Terrace ....

By ShutterBear66
My husband (44) & I (41) went to see this movie this friday afternoon as the original movie pick, Appaloosa is in limited theaters, none near us. We overheard some people come out of the first show...

Only good part was the denouement

By Barbellking
Honestly, the only redeeming aspect of this yet another lame movie was the ending. Almost as boring as the happening...


By rockhell
Gee, Samuel L. Jackson playing an angry black man? WHAT A STRETCH! How about I just watch a mash up of Changing Lanes, Pulp Fiction, Black Snake Moan, A Time To Kill, etc. etc. Don't get me wrong, I...

Lakeview Terrace

By Movie Freak10
Lakeview Terrace Was An Excellent Movie! Samuel L. Jackson Did One Of His Best Performances Ever. Your Gunna Love To Hate Him! I Thought The Ending Could Have Better. Otherwise It Kept Me On The Edge...




By Donut2133
Samuel L. Jackson as a bad guy cop? that's new for him, and it worked. He was great in this movie and it was very interesting. I liked this movie more than i thought i would. The California...

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Rated PG-13 | For intense thematic material, violence, sexuality, language and some drug references
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Common Sense Media says Scary, racism-themed thriller isn't for kids.
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