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Saw It at Special Screening, Definitely a Must Go!

By DJZapped
Written November 08, 2007
I saw Lake Dead at a special industry screening a few months ago in Los Angeles without really knowing much about the film. I have to say that I was very pleasently surprised. The movie is truly scary (very scary actually), the acting is good, the girls are BEAUTIFUL (some of the hottest I've ever seen in a horror movie), and there are some of the grossest, twisted, as well as some of the funniest moments I've seen in any horror movie in a while. It definitely hearkens back more to the violent, scary, story-oriented horror movies of the 70's, and not as much to the torture porn that is prevalent today (thank goodness, although don't worry as there's still some "strong sexual content"). I hoped for big things from Lake Dead and am truly excited to see it in theaters again in Horrorfest. However, I did hear that they had to cut a few of the gorier scenes out to get an R Rating (damn you MPAA); don't worry though, for fans of gore there will still be plenty.
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"Lake Dead IS DEAD"

By raidersofthelostmovies
Written November 13, 2007
For a horror film, it DIDN'T cut the cake for me. However, it was quite funny. Found myself laughing through the entire movie with my friends. About the only gross part were the moments of incestuous relationships. Sent chills up the spine...not in a good old fashioned scary way!!!!! The film was quite predictable and was in no way gory. There were some bloody scenes, but it did nothing for us. If you want a good laugh, DEFINITELY see this movie. If you want to get scared out of your mind catch a Japanese horror flick instead. I find them much scary than American films!!!!
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Why hire actors?

By leshutchins
Written November 13, 2007
Why bother hiring actors when you can have a bunch of non-talent hacks spew cliche "youth culture" garbage? Honestly, the premise of the movie was fine, the "horror" in the movie was tolerable, though predictable. The acting though... WORST acting of any Horrorfest movie last year or this year and of any movie of this genre I've seen short of a "Sci-Fi original" (some of which beat the crap out of this one as well).
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"Not a bad movie"

By jerseyjones
Written January 13, 2009
This movie was pretty good it was alittle strange, for a movie I saw on Sci-fi it's good it seems like almost movie I watch on there is dumb but this one wasn't.
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reminds me of---

By zorakmom
Written November 12, 2007
Had moments that reminded me of House of 1000 Corpses, Texas Chainsaw, and Friday the 13th. I smell a sequel ???
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