By xMichix
Written September 27, 2008
This film wasnt that bad. But it wasn't too great either. The storyline was interesting, but after a while it got to be very tedious. The major thing I didnt like about the film was when the kid started reading cereal boxes, I thought that was corny.
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By hoof22
Written January 12, 2008
The mystery at the beginning of the movie and towards the middle keeps the viewer interested until it all comes together in the end and you wonder what just happened. From the trailers of this movie I expected a mystery horror and in turn got a sci-fi/mystery to which I left wondering why I spent $9.
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Shyamalan's Best Work Yet!

By Moviedude
Written November 29, 2006
I must start off by saying that this has got to be the best summer movie I have ever seen!Lady In The Water is an absolute masterpiece!With tremendous acting by the whole cast,Lady InTheWater is a must-see.I was engaged by every moment of the movie,and I think you will too.A very original storyline,an engaging plot this movie keeps you pinned to your seat until the end,and you will want to see it all over again the second it is over!And I must say out of all the movies I have seen this year,this one is the best of the bunch.I highly recommend it to anyone.I must also say the ending is spectacular.I give this movie five stars. Moviedude
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Filled with imaganition

Written December 23, 2006

A old spooky bed time story comes to life when a apartment manager finds a nymph named Story.But little did he know that something is after her...something very dangerous.Lady in the Water will bring you back to your childhood days and into a bedtime story M.Night Shyamalan told his children. Watch your back through a mirror for red glowing eyes.

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