What parents need to know

Parents need to know that this is one of the more mild Disney titles with no clear villain, so it's a good choice for younger viewers who are ready for a feature-length movie. There are a few scenes that are potentially scary, including a climactic scene where the dogs try to protect a baby who is threatened by a beady-eyed rat and an accident scene where a secondary character appears to be dead, but then later appears mildly injured. The Siamese cats are more mischievous than mean, but they can seem creepy to young kids. Romance is a theme throughout, with the two main characters ending up together raising puppies.
  • Families can talk about the differences between Lady and Tramp. What are the benefits of their different lifestyles? What do they learn from each other?
  • What happened to Lady after the baby was born? Kids: How would you feel if a new baby took away your parents' attention? How could the parents have handled things differently?
  • Talk about the era this movie is set in. Can you spot any old-fashioned images? How do men and women act in the movie that's different from today?
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