La dolce vita Synopsis
Marcello Mastroianni became a superstar as the sensitive tabloid reporter juggling the affections of several women, while making the rounds of the spirit-destroying nightlife of the Via Veneto.
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By smashey411
Aero Theatre had a huge SNAFU with the Fellini documentary that was to have preceded "La Dolce Vita" and they were unable to screen the film. Therefore, having driven a long way to see both films, I...

La Dolce Vita's Beauty

By drhumbert
This stunning restoration of Fellini's film brings out every nuance of the black and white cinematography. And now you're able to see Fellini's humor in the film -- it's not what Pauline Kael...

The bittersweet life

By korbville
Fellini's masterpiece is timeless and cautionary. A tale of a man without a compass, spinning through decadencies while documenting the "sweet life" of Rome for which the film is named....