Labyrinth of Lies Synopsis
Frankfurt 1958: nobody wants to look back to the time of the National Socialist regime. Young public prosecutor Johann Radmann comes across some documents that help initiate the trial against some members of the SS.
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Great drama!

By sbt427n
This is an excellent drama on the holocaust. Nothing fancy, just straight-telling drama of a righteous prosecutor, fighting his lonely battle for justice, with basically his boss's support. It's...

Outstanding movie does more than entertain

By tobejs313
Yes, great story, script, cast, direction, photography, music, sights and sets. More than that, though, are the historical revelations, so difficult and shocking to many/most Germans. Moreover, the...

Oscar Worthy

By loloarte
The acting, script and direction all came together to bring alive a side of the Holocaust that has not been discussed or shown - the generation of Germans that discovered the cover up within their...


By cyca26
Would definitely recommend it and watch it again!...

Interesting Historically important worth seeing

By astrasser
We enjoyed the movie and learned from it, a fast moving based on true events, sub titles are easy to read, recommend to all adults...

Labyrinth of Lies

By talavera
Loved the film. A little slow, but well acted and told a story that most of us were not familiar with....

Great movie

By vrupcic
Labyrinth of lies is a phenomenal movie. The cast did a great job with the acting, and the the director....


By fmahoney314
This was a Real movie. Beautiful filming, wonderful acting, true story brought to life. Well worth the price of admission....

Important Historical Film - Story telling could have been better

By 1997Chief
The movie seemed longer than two hours, more like seven. One of the things I didn't like about the film was the lack of story telling. The characters lacked genuine emotion and the closest we get...

Powerful telling of forgotten story

By lizjerry
Based on true facts, Labyrinth of Lies is powerful, engaging and moving. It unfolds the awakening and changes in moral outlook of the people involved. The cinematography is excellent as is the...

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