By incubusrocks
Written May 02, 2016
80's kids appreciate this movie. The amazing Jim Henson's creature shop teamed with David Bowie. My favorite movie, took my best friend and kids to see at Grossmont theater in La Mesa. So excited to see it again in on the big screen! Theater #5 is where they directed smelled like the Disneyland ride Pirates of the Caribbean, which if you've never been, smells horrible like stagnant water. Rude people allowing their kids to talk, toddles literally babbling as loud as they could made me almost go postal. But if I have to rate the movie itself 5 stars of course!
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if you haven't seen it, you better...

By epiphanywarden
Written August 11, 2007
i cannot believe that anyone in the US has not seen this movie... but it has happened. i have loved this movie since i was a kid, and will continue to be an avid fan of it. you just gotta love the whole Jim Henson scheme with darkness and twists... and i love the crystal ball!! and the guys that take off their heads... creepy as a child though... :)
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A original classic & must see..

By BreezyinSacto
Written April 21, 2008
My family and I love this movie & soundtrack.Im so glad to have grown up watching it constantly.My kids love it now & we enjoy watching it together.I love how original it was-especially in the 80's.The inplicable storyline & characters was way ahead of its time.I was blown away when I first seen this movie at the age of 5 & its awesome to see my kids be blown away as well.Its a classic in its time also in its originality.If there were more fandango rates,I would have deffinently given it the highest one.
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Cheesy but awsome~ness ensued!!!

By tinita
Written September 03, 2007
I was 18 when this movie released, and my husband said we watched it 15 years ago but I didn't remember anything! Jennifer Connelly was sooooo stinking young in this, wow! Well, as I said I didn't remember seeing this before as I watched it yesterday at the Hollywood Theater in the Hollywood district of Portland, Or and it was rather cheesy...the acting needed work too but hey, it was released 21 years ago! And 89% of the "actors" were muppets! That was awesome in and of its self. David Bowie was very entertaining in this film and the story was great, it had a definitely "moral to the story" thing going on. It cost $6 to get in, and I wasn't very thrilled with that as I could've spent $.50 more and seen a new release but all in all I was very glad my best friend invited me to go with her and her family!!!
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By Phronc
Written August 01, 2007
Who doesn't love David Bowie?! Ok, so not all of his movies are great... but this one is just plain cool.
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