See Labor Day

By LdyPrvrbs
Written February 17, 2014
Labor Day did not appear to do well at the box office. I believe it is because it seems to move too slowly, but I thought it was necessary to the story. The acting was great. The plot was interesting. It had no exposed sex, no profanity, and no extreme violence. I hope it is not missed just because no special effects were needed. True, loyal, unconditional love is the theme, as is the profound positive influence of a good man on a teenage boys life, even if for a short period of time.
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By livada757
Written February 15, 2014
This movie was so boring we left half way through it. The plot was absurd and so unbelievable. It was PAINFULLY slow moving and awkward to watch. I would recommend skipping this one. Super, super waste of time. P.S. By the way, I was able to get my money back by telling the manager that the movie was boring and that we did not like it. Very cool that you can do that at least.
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Labor Day

By josterman37966
Written February 09, 2014
This is one of the best movies I have seen in a long time, no four letter words that does nothing to help make a good movie, the acting was terrific.
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Labor Day

By ncd112
Written February 12, 2014
Outstanding performance by Kate Winslet was a non typical Hollywood movie void of sex, violence, blood and guts. The ending was a big surprise and reaches far into the heart. It is a feel good movie with twists, honest character development and ACTUALLY has a plot.......... again, contrary to most Hollywood movies today. I highly recommend this movie.
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Labor Day

By kilty258
Written February 13, 2014
The basic premise was quite unbelievable. The happy ending was predictable. Kate Winslet is appealing mainly because she looks like a regular person and not a glittery star. That said, she tends to repeat her long suffering expression, and has a small range of emotion in this film. The young boy is beautiful.
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