La Boheme Synopsis
Based on Puccini's opera of love among Parisian artists.

Movie Reviews

La Boeheme

By Rob I
I saw this on Sunday April 6, 2008, and after seeing many performances at the San Francisco Opera, this is a was a great production... I like going to the movies for the opera, because...

What a Treat!

By Suethomas40
It was such a treat to get to see a Met production in Minnesota! While nothing equals attending an opera at the Met, sharing popcorn and getting the behind the scenes peeks shown at the movie theater...

La Boheme

By rhapsodyma
Terrific showing from the Met Opera LIVE in HD! Ramon Vargas stole the performance from the sopranos! I actually cried with him at the end, not because of Mim's death, but because of his pain at...

La Boheme

By adrienne-
An absolutely gorgeous production!!! My only complaint was the theater had the sound turned up excruciatingly LOUD!...