• Released
  • August 13, 2004
  • 1 hr 56 min
  • Comedy
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TV Guide

By Maitland McDonagh
Ethan and Lenny's story is silly, good-natured and full of unlikely moves, just like the titular twister.
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San Francisco Chronicle

The semiserious comedy by director Sven Pape is in its own category, and unfortunately it's not always an interesting one.
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L.A. Weekly

By Ernest Hardy
The film offers no new insights into its people or into the dynamics of the Hollywood machine -- the whole affair, played for low-intensity laughs, is numbingly familiar.
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Los Angeles Times

In trying to qualify as mordant satire, charming rom-com, uplifting buddy movie about underdogs trying to stick it to the man and the most meta story ever told, L.A. Twister sprains itself badly.
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Boston Globe

By Janice Page
Serves up a silly story and clunky dialogue that gets better than it deserves from Jennifer Aspen as Lenny's would-be girlfriend.
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Dallas Observer

It's the solipsistic, obvious, misogynistic, and occasionally redeeming tale.
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The New York Times

By Stephen Holden
Barely watchable.
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29 out of 100
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