Worked With

Year Name Title
2009 Ed Begley, Jr. The Penthouse
2008 Laurence Fishburne Days of Wrath
2008 Snoop Dogg Up in Smoke
2008 Mykelti Williamson Vice
2008 Michael Madsen Vice
2008 Daryl Hannah Vice
2007 Clarence Williams III A Day in the Life
2007 Omar Epps A Day in the Life
2007 Michael Rapaport A Day in the Life
2007 Snoop Dogg Monk: Mr. Monk and the Rapper
2006 Faye Dunaway Cut Off
2006 James Russo Cut Off
2006 Anne Archer Cut Off
2006 Malcolm McDowell Cut Off
2006 Clint Howard Cut Off
2005 Ed Lauter Brothers in Arms
2005 David Carradine Brothers in Arms
2004 Cedric the Entertainer Johnson Family Vacation
2004 Vanessa Williams Johnson Family Vacation
2004 Lee Garlington Johnson Family Vacation
2004 Richard Roundtree Vegas Vampires
2004 Bernie Casey Vegas Vampires
2003 Lolita Davidovich Dark Blue
2003 Brendan Gleeson Dark Blue
2003 Kurt Russell Dark Blue
2003 Ving Rhames Dark Blue
2003 Harrison Ford Hollywood Homicide
2003 Bruce Greenwood Hollywood Homicide
2003 Anthony Mackie Hollywood Homicide
2003 Lena Olin Hollywood Homicide
2003 Martin Landau Hollywood Homicide
2003 Eric Idle Hollywood Homicide
2003 Josh Hartnett Hollywood Homicide
2003 Robert Wagner Hollywood Homicide
2003 Lolita Davidovich Hollywood Homicide
2003 Keith David Hollywood Homicide
2003 Lou Diamond Phillips Hollywood Homicide
2002 Steven Seagal Half Past Dead
0 Snoop Dogg DPG Eulogy/Daz Dillinger
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