Saw this while it was still being made

By ocelot67
Written May 30, 2008
Last year in August, my wife, daughter, and I got to see this in an unfinished form. Roughly a third of it was fully complete, about a third was in a rough animated form, and another third was just story boards. Despite this, the movie was great! It had an excellent story, good humor, and the animation that WAS complete was very well done. We thought this was the best movie Dreamworks has done since the original Shrek (though nothing like Shrek). We're looking forward to seeing the finished product!
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Been a while...

By momincali
Written June 23, 2008
I thought the direction of kid friendly movies had taken a turn for the worse in the last year or so until Kung Fu Panda! It was so great, that I saw it once with the kids, and we loved it so much that we dragged my hubby to see it the next day. Rare to see a movie that makes kids and adults laugh equally as hard.
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You forget that it's Jack Black

By saintandrew
Written June 29, 2008
I guess I worried going to see Kung Fu Panda that I wouldn't be able to separate Jack Black from the character of Po the Panda. I was pleasantly surprised. Panda is a must see and - by all means - take the kiddies. There is a warm story at the heart of Kung Fu Panda that even my 5 year old picked up on, namely, believing in yourself is all you really need to become what you dream of being. Dustin Hoffman was an excellent choice as the Kung Fu Master and the shear humor he inflects into his characterization of Shi-fu shows why he is an actor's actor. The script is first class and just when you think "aha!, here it comes!" it goes in a completely different yet wonderful direction. The epic battle between Po and Ty Lueng is so funny you'll laugh while you cheer. (I think I wet my pants a little!) Writing like this is hard to come by. Don't miss it in the Theatre. It’s a big screen extravaganza for the eyes and the soul. My children were better for seeing it - who knew?
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The movie let me down

By jessierican
Written March 15, 2008
It was a cute film - however, I felt with the cast it would be much funnier! That was not the case. There was not enough Seth Rogan - I think he only had 3 lines in the entire movie! I had the opportunity to watch an unfinished version of the film at ShoWest in Vegas - so hopefully they will make it a little better before they release the final edition.
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By austin364
Written May 01, 2008
this movie looks sooooooooooo cool i
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