By Gregc53
Written June 13, 2008
To those with children or just enjoy a great movie. Kung Fu Panda had me laughing louder than my 3year old son. I can't wait to see it again!!!
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Good we liked it

By sgkrao
Written August 20, 2008
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Dreamworks Delivers

By blu hawaii
Written June 10, 2008
Dreamworks has been battling the secret ingredient of animated movie making since "The Prince of Egypt". You can tell it doesn't come as "easy" for them as it does Pixar. They've hit their high spots: the Shrek Trilogy (will we still get it 10 years from now? maybe the first one!), "Over the Hedge", and "Curse of the Wererabbit" - but those are offset by the awkwardness of Spirit, Sinbad, Sharktale, and Madagascar. But "Kung Fu Panda" freaking delivers. It's got that elusive secret ingredient; it's not afraid to be emotional, it's funny as hell, and the Kung Fu sequences are loaded with the kind of fantasy you'd expect from a well-animated flick. But if you're going to see it - see it in IMAX! You'll thank yourself later!
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By CraZy_MoViE_FaNaTiC
Written June 12, 2008
Kung-Fu Panda was very cute! Your children will love it! And it had great humor for adults as well.
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How refreshing...Not rude or crude. Just fun!!!

By bklynbat
Written June 13, 2008
Ahh.. A kids movie that didn't have all those inappropriate jokes! This was one good film. My daughter loved it and parents will find it easy to sit through. Well written and a great moral for the kids, never quit!
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