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Good movie but with quirks

By rali
Written July 18, 2016
The movie was fun and my kid really enjoyed it. I kind of thought they could have done a better job with it. The original and the first sequel were much better than this one.
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Enjoyable movie

By evilvoice
Written March 07, 2016
I took my family (4) to watch this movie because of how the other movies in the series were hilarious and enjoyable for all of us. I remember watching KFP as an afterthought after watching another movie. I could not stop laughing. The movies hooked me from that moment on. I am glad to see all the characters back and the introduction of some new. The movie took a while to set up the plot and all the back story. It wasn't until the latter half that I found myself laughing. I don't see this as a problem because the movie did capture my attention, but it wasn't as fun as 1. The graphics are better in this installment than previous but I believe that is technology growth more than anything. We all thoroughly enjoyed the movie and are awaiting the next sequel. It is nice that the voice actors are the same in all movies in this series. Oftentimes, voice actors leave after a few of the movies and you're left with very different sounding characters. Not true Definitely worth taking the family.
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By dschastain
Written March 07, 2016
Took the whole family. It was a do not miss for our family. We all loved it. Compared to some of the tripe out there this was incredible and good for the whole family from baby to greatgrandparent. We look for movies like this and will buy to own once it releases.
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By atwlegit16
Written March 07, 2016
good fun family movie to see (:
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By Vroberts1009
Written March 07, 2016
loved it so much!! cl dramatic, cute, and funny!!
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