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The Hollywood Reporter

This Bollywood epic crunches together romance, comedy, extra-terrestrials, martial arts, dancing and action to tell an entertaining story...
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L.A. Weekly

By David Chute
Paying off a somewhat laborious buildup in the first act with an escalating series of revelations and reunions in the final reel, Krrish is...
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The New York Times

Krrish is overlong, schmaltzy, wholly derivative and sprinkled with underwhelming song-and-dance numbers. Coming from anywhere else, these...
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By Ronnie Scheib
Enjoyable, daffily improbable escapist romp.
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By sbrarmd
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Its one bollywood movie that's worth watch in cinema

By moneyhi06
I liked the movie a lot, it hardly has any flaws, the movie got story, technology. acting, emotions etc. I have seen few Bollywood movies version 2 or 3.. as they make new version, they lack the...

A must miss movie

By ssharma1420
very badly made movie, Bollywood should really stick to making sas-bahu movies and forget about superhero's unless they can come up with something original....

Copy of popular hollywood superhero films

By faisalnoor
Weak dialog, ugly looking computer effects and a copy of top hollywood films make Krish a waste of time and money. I am so disappointed at critics giving it a "GO " rating in fandango. Next time I...