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Fun opportunity to discuss Oscars with FilmWeek critics

By erinmmurphy236
Written February 18, 2013
It was a pleasure to see Larry Mantle and the critics regularly featured on KPCC's Film Week on Airtalk. My friend and I have enjoyed listening to the podcast version for a couple of years, and it was fun to see what everyone looked like. We are two women in our 30's, but the audience included all ages, from teens to seniors. Despite having heard & read many reviews, we still came away from the event with new thoughts and perspectives about the films, performances, and even the reasoning behind the categories, such as Cogshell & Puig's discussion about Adapted Screenplay. Henry Sheehan was also delightfully tart and funny as usual. He and Peter Rainer made me laugh the most. A note on venue: I enjoyed seeing the Egyptian Theatre for the first time, although I'm a SoCal native. I so seldom venture among the crush of tourists on Hollywood Boulevard, but there is a special charm to celebrating the Oscars mere steps from the now-Dolby Theatre where the awards will be presented.
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Had a Great Time

By nmoorpwr
Written February 24, 2014
This was our first time at the taping of KPCC's FilmWeek and we are planning to go next year. It was very interesting to see the film critics that we'd listened to every week on FilmWeek. Larry Mantle kept things moving along and we heard a variety of opinions from all of the eight critics.
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KPCC Film Week--Oscar Special....!!!

By lucc63
Written February 25, 2014
...This is the first time attending and it was great!! I'm glad I got to see a majority of the movies before hitting this forum and for next year I'd like to get in all the movies to see and hear what the critics think. There were many in the crowd that had seen many documentaries and films that I don't usually get to check out.....they are very film versed!! I enjoyed all the critics personalities.....and they said exactly what was on their mind! Lot's of laughs too. It was great to be inside the historic Egyptian Theater. And always, always it's good to hear Larry Mantle's voice :) See ya next year!!
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