Grip the Edge of Your Seat Moments

By thechase007
Written March 12, 2015
I really had no idea what to expect when I ventured upon this movie but was more than pleasantly surprised with the result. I am a real sucker for fabulous photography and this film was beautifully filmed. The beginning of the film had me worried because of its slow pace, but the heart of the film had me gasping and gripping the edge of my seat many times (I made an unusual spectacle of myself LOL). Being based on a true story, I haven't done enough research as to whether it is historically accurate it's not something that really concerns me. It was entertaining, beautifully filmed and something the whole family will enjoy.
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Best film of the year

By chriscuster
Written May 21, 2013
Thus far, it is the very best film I've seen this year. You will be inspired and gripped to the film minute to minute. Though a long film, it spins well with felshed out real-life characters and an amazing journey.
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Thrilling Ocean Adventure!

By pedsarq
Written April 28, 2013
This movie is based on a true story about an adventure undertaken by Swedish explorers to prove that the early people of Peru (Tiki's people) road an ocean current for 100 days and settled in Polynesia. It was a far-fetched notion back then, but they took to sea in a raft and proved it. As you can imagine, there were some amazing challenges being at sea for 100+ days, not least of which is that sharks accompany them throughout the journey. There are some very thrilling scenes with sharks and terrible storms throw them around the ocean. I enjoyed this movie and was very entertained throughout. I think anyone who likes adventure movies, especially ocean adventures, will be thrilled from start to finish. The fact that it really happened was an added bonus.
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Worth Seeing

By BMan1314
Written May 06, 2013
I had the pleasure of seeing this at the Dallas International Film Festival. The visuals are breath taking and knowing that this is a true story really ups its credibility. We need more films like this, so go see it.
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Great Story Not Very Well Told

By Let's Talk Off-Broadway
Written April 30, 2013
Thor Heyerdahl made an incredibly risky voyage from Peru to Polynesia in a balsa wood raft in order to prove a scientific point, and its one of the great adventure stories of all time. This movie is episodic, and doesn't let you in on the knitty-gritty of how things were actually achieved. And what really irks me, Heyerdahl's scientific purpose is idumbed downatg the end to something about inspiration for more explorations in space etc. Iif it's your only way to know about the Kon-Tiki adventure, see the movie to fill yourself in -- I wrote about this at Let's Talk Off-Broadway.
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