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Chilling predictions in a time capsule make a teacher (Nicolas Cage) try to change upcoming events.
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KNOWING - won me over! GRADE: B-MINUS

(Based on an ACTUAL advance press preview - Wed. March 18 2009). I'm glad that I chose to attend tonight's advance press screening of KNOWING - given that I had a choice of three advance press...

Edge of your seat!

By chrisinbeav
I thought I had an idea of what this movie was about... It was so much more. Some of the character development is a little slim but it works out okay. The "action sceens" are intense. They are not...


By twilight_luverr93
Hola everyone!! i kno this movie isnt out yet, but i still think everyone should go see it. trust me on this, ohk?? i've seen MANY movies in my lifetime (which isnt really that long lol), and i kno a...

Great build-up but the ending plopped

By RandytheMovieFan
Take a creepy supernatural thriller. cross it with elements from Signs and Close Encounters, throw in some phenomenal disaster scenes and you should have a Must Go movie, right? After the first 90...


By Sruss745
This is one of the few Nick Cage movies that I haven't liked. I was very disappointed, not in his acting but the whole plot for the show. It just wasn't good. The premise that we should let our...


By kizomba
After reading some of the other critics reviews, it seems like most of those who uphold a more secular-humanist world view considered this movie "Christian propaganda," while those who are oblivious...

Suspense film Mania;

By Ronco103
I look forward to this film. I love those "edge-of-your-seat" suspense movies, this looks like it will be one of them. Nick Cage is a great choice for this part. I'll be at the opening night showing....

The end will shock you

By Acura21
I think that Nicolas Cage is a great actor, but what is with the movies he's been in lately. Other than the National treasure movies, it seems as though he's in a losing streak. I was looking...


By reeluvshorses
honestly it was i wonderful movie until a certain partnit happens to the oldest woman..... if you saw the movie you know what I am talking about. Any waise after that i thought it was terrible it...

knowing looks awesome

By twilight11111111
knowing looks awesome but it looks like it was produced by the makers of the day the earth stood still .....

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Rated PG-13 | For disaster sequences, disturbing images and brief strong language
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Common Sense Media says Grim sci-fi thriller is too intense for young kids.
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