Knights of Badassdom Synopsis
Live-action role players conjure up a demon from hell by mistake and must deal with the consequences.
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Tiz Awesome

By puertoricansoto

Knights if badassdom

By jennnichols316
Knights of badassdom. As awesomely bad as I expected. Many, many funny parts poking fun at nerdy folk like me. 2 strikes against it were the gore (over the top, campy gore, but gore nonetheless) and...

What a bummer

By samadmans1
They really missed the mark with this one Watching Tyrion as a modern day stoner is the only pleasurable part of this flick Stay away-and this is coming from someone who saw it on demand I wonder if...

By TheTaylorCole
Silly, low budget greatness. HILARIOUS....

Blast of Fun Movie

By Rosalita9899
The cast is great. The story is outside the box and original. It was hilarious and intense and gross at various points. Not for the squeamish. Lots of laughs and lots of blood. I really enjoyed...

Freakn Awesome

By bobbygclark
I just watched it in a theater in Spokane. The whole theater was engaged and laughing from start to finish! And the ending was EPIC! Not to mention that even though this was a low-budget movie, it...

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Rated R | For Sexuality, Language Throughout, Horror Violence and Some Drug Use