Knight of Cups Synopsis
Knight of Cups follows writer Rick on an odyssey through the playgrounds of Los Angeles and Las Vegas as he undertakes a search for love and self. father
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Compassion For The Lost. Does anybody care about the existential Crisis of a Prince of Hollywood?

By davochambers
I had the privilege to view this film in an advance press screening in Perth, Western Australia. My full review is located Here! There are many critics coming out against this film, including the...

The Malick Touch

By mcpeer3668
A masterpiece. Malick's 7th feature is a towering, emotive, deeply personal epic that will resonate with you completely or not at all. When the film works, it features the very best that cinema has...


By scottdrucker13
Moving performances, stunning cinematography by the master Chivo himself, and a unique character study....

What kind of drugs do I need to understand this movie?

By dsfrancisco

Worst movie ever!

By tinatina501
Don't go!!!! Bored, confused, painful, pitiful, awful! Seriously don't go, stay home... Zootopia would be better for my childish adult mind. Consider yourself warned....


By neonrun
Am normally a big fan of Terrence Mallick, but this film never moved past the first 10min of story....


By gabrielwhite99
Basically just a collection of pretty shots. They could have shown the "scenes" of this movie in any order, and it would be hard to tell the difference. Once you've seen 10 minutes, you have...

WOW, a movie for the spaced-out generation?

By goldlizsts
First, one may get bored. Christian Bale just wanders around all the time, staring into space. He did speak, over a couple of scenes, I think. I felt so overwhelmed because I couldn't understand...

A Form of Tourture

By inesbond84

Made me nauseous

By moviecat123
There is no plot evident. the actors don't connect with each other or the audience. The jerky camera work is so over done it made me nauseous. I have never walked out of a movie, ever, until now. If i...

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Rated R | For Some nudity, sexuality and language.
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Common Sense Media says Wandering, experimental Malick film may challenge even fans.
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