Knight and Day Synopsis
An action-comedy centered on a fugitive couple (Cruise and Diaz) on a glamorous and sometimes deadly adventure.
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one of my faves

By diet pepsi
i realy enjoyed thiis movie when i went to see it it was just a true summer treat for the entire family minous a few choice words and constant violence it was just wondeful best action movie of 2010...

Action packed date flick

By butteredkorn
My this was a great action packed movie with some great banter between Cruise and Diaz. If your looking for something breezy and light,something to just escape todays stress this is it. Think Bourne...

Top Notch Thrilling Action Romance Comedy Packed Summer Smiles AKA Summer Film Coaster

By healingmoon
Not only can Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz make you laugh as you are swept away on an outstanding summer action adventure, reminiscent of Romancing The Stone meets North By Northwest; they can act....

Oh My Goodness!

By Jordan402
This is a great movie. There is action, comedy, and the ever-present sexual tension between the two gorgeous leads. The story is fairly easy to follow though it seems some elements to the story...

Good like the previews

By nholzric
Despite not caring for Tom Cruise's persona in his personal life, after seeing the funny previews for this movie I decided to go. The beginning of Knight and Day was exactly the crazy agent meets...

KNIGHT & DAY- unexpected delight!

By debora7n7
I was able to view the sneek preview and was presently surprised! Cruise and Diaz are a great team, they play very well off each other.For me, the scene stealers were the comedic scenes-I thought the...

Knight and Day

By popcorn bucket
I am not a Tom Cruise fan but my son wanted to go and see this movie. I found myself laughing out loud. There was no obscene language that most movies today seem to have. There was lots of...

good movie

By jenn998
I thought this movie was going to be stupid and regretted entering the theater, but was very's a really good movie, that's action packed, sort of funny, entertaining,...

Knight and Day

By mamrox2000
We loved it. It was everything I hoped it would be...action packed, exciting, great chemistry between the leading roles, a little romance and a great ending. It was particularly exciting to know...


By mbc-u-later
I'm not a Tom cruise fan . . . I'm not an action movie fan . . . don't know why I wanted to see this film. I'M SO GLAD I DID!!! It is amazing! Great plot, great actors, funny as hell, and just plain...

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Rated PG-13 | For brief strong language and sequences of action violence
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Common Sense Media says Action romance has high body count, little consequence.
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