Kite...Takes Flight

By gasparm
Written December 14, 2007
I am so happy that I went to see The Kite Runner, having never read the bestseller on which it was based, I did'nt have a clue as to what it was about. I originally thought it was a children's picture. It was one of the best films I have seen in 2007. I have't shed a tear in a movie since Terms of Endearment. This is a supurb film that should be seen by all filmlovers, as it embodies human emotions and serious subject matter in every scene. The acting, cimematography, screen adaptation and direction are all outstanding. I highly recommend this film to all theatregoers 13 and up to 93....really an excellent achievement.
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The Kite Runner

By kdanie2
Written February 21, 2008
Very good movie; great storyline, great acting, very moving film
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The Book is more descriptive and an original

By lisacaprelli
Written March 09, 2008
I wanted to see The Kite Runner after reading the book (I couldn't put down)while on vacation. Not many books can make me cry or it in my soul; however this one did. It is amazing. The movie is okay, but not as good as the book. However, had I not read the book, I may not have understood all the characters insight. Very original story.
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The Kite Runner

By jcloizides
Written February 14, 2008
I have seen all the Oscar nominated films this year....No Country For Old Men will probably win..but if my heart and soul were voting i would choose this film as the best i've seen in a very long time....maybe it is emotionally manipulative and perhaps it is a subject matter that viewers would not care to see because it involves Afghanistan and the Taliban, but nonetheless, it is an important story with an emphasis on friendship, cowardice and redemption....the acting is superb, the tale is heartbreaking and the children are unforgettable....
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The most important story

By Babzuptown
Written February 10, 2008
I was somehow unprepared for the power of this movie. I was caught up, like a kite, in the magnitude of the humanity. While I watched much of the film with angst on my face or tears running off my cheeks, my mind and my heart were just captivated by the truths here. Yes, transported into a culture I know a little something about (way cool) and the history... But the truths transfer into every culture. Like My Big Fat Greek Wedding only...perhaps the most important story ever told. Simply amazing. How terribly brave of the author to tell this story. I hope they are showing this in Afghantastan.
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