Thoroughly delightful -- NOTHING to dislike about this movie!

By pomspringz
Written April 28, 2008
First of all, I want to say I am amazed that no one has written a review for this film yet, when there are over 300 ratings and reviews listed. 232 fans Don't Care about this movie, and 39 people said Don't Go. How many of you actually saw the movie? This is a THOROUGHLY DELIGHTFUL movie with NOTHING to dislike about it. Great performances from Tess Harper, Joanna Cassidy and Tori Spelling. This movie is about human relationships. It is NOT what you think it is. Without giving away the plot, there are practically NO GAY PEOPLE in this film. It is about a heterosexual WEDDING. A major part of the plot is about the parents of the groom and bride and about the bride's sister -- Tess Harper and Joanna Cassidy play the mothers of the MALE groom and FEMALE bride (Tori Spelling). The film was all together sexy, funny, real, heartfelt, sincere, witty, light, serious and very well done. GO SEE IT, and decide for yourselves. Let's see some more WRITTEN reviews, eh?
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