KISS Rocks Vegas Synopsis
Fathom Events, Eagle Rock Entertainment and MusicScreen are thrilled to bring the legendary rock band KISS to the big screen for an explosive one-night event in KISS Rocks Vegas on Wednesday, May 25.

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Disappointed at the Majestic theater in Waukesha Wisconsin

By ken5252016340
Hello KISS fans, As an avid KISS fan and having seen 37 LIVE performances since the 1970's I was hoping to get the full and complete concert experience as advertised on Fandango. My guest and I...

KISS rocked Vegas

By nemo6970
Having seen KISS live on multiple occasions and tours I wasn't expecting it to be as good as a real show but it exceeded my expectations....


KISS FAN. Really enjoyed the movie, it was almost like being at a concert. The cinematography was awesome. Makes me wish I had spent the money to go to Las Vegas to see the live show. It was a...

Fantastic Set List

By Manta
What a great event. I wish that this had been better promoted as the theatre would have been packed. People saw my facebook post and were pissed that they didn't hear about this. I only got lucky...

Very Good, but . . . production values not as good

By futurperfect
KISS performs fantastically well as usual. However, between too many shooting angles and an overzealous video editor it was difficult to watch. Too many video cuts, particularly right in the middle...

Kiss Rocks Vegas...Rocks Us All!!!!!!!

By kissmite
This was a great capture form this show. I was in attendance at the actual event back in November 2014. Sound was great. KISS never disappoints!...

By cthompson382003
4.75 out of 5! One of the absolute best KISS concert events since Kiss Symphony in 2003. It really shows that Kiss can still be considered one of the absolute greatest American rock bands in music...

Kiss live in Vegas. Pearl ms Tinseltown

By reedanth
The movie was great. But, I was wondering why the theater had NO advertisement for the Kiss movie? No posters, or signage of any sort. The marquee had nothing saying the movie was even happening. ...

KISS !!!

By Miltthon
KISS.... is there anything else to say...


By rockemsockem1

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Rated PG-13