A gem of modern crime/comedy.

By Pseudobyte
Written May 09, 2007
Before I say anything about this movie I want to make it known that I am a fan of both Val Kilmer and Robert Downey Jr. I saw this movie because I like these two actors. That having been said, I was pleasantly surprised by just how danged entertaining this movie is! A quick synopsis: Downey plays a two-bit thief who lucks into a role in a movie while fleeing police (an hilarious audition!). Val Kilmer plays a detective who is a technical consultant to Robert Downey Jr.'s character--he's going to teach him how to walk and talk like a cop, etc. The initial meeting of Kilmer's and Downey's characters is one for the record books, it's so funny. While being "trained" on what is supposed to be a bunk stakeout, Downey and Kilmer discover a body and the murder mystery ensues. They start out barely tolerating each other and Kilmer in particular isn't taking the case very seriously but by the end of the film they've completely thrown in with each other--makes for a very satisfying film.
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