A journey you'll never forget!!

By critix2010
Written June 28, 2010
And I feel like watching it again, right away!!! From the very first moment until the very end, the two kids,Dylan and Kylie take us on an emotional journey while they're trying to escape their futile lives. Great acting and a very dynamic picture language create a magical atmosphere. Definitely not only for Bob Dylan and Dublin fans! Eine mitreissende Geschichte ueber die Sehnsucht zweier Kinder nach Freiheit und Liebe. Geniale Besetzung und wunderbare Bilder. Absolut sehenswert!
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irish good-ness

By razmatazern
Written June 22, 2010
Kisses is an entertaining and unique film. It was interesting to watch the story of two Irish kids that run away from home unravel. Experiencing the journey with them is thoroughly enjoyable and exciting, yet believable and did not seem far-fetched. I loved the character of Kylie. Her very expressive spirit definitely added to the storyline and made for an interesting character. Dylan's apathetic, yet pensive essence was a nice contrast to Kylie's character. The acting by Kelly O'Neill and Shane Curry was remarkable, and they definitely need to be commended. The mood of the film was directly correlated with the music, and fortunately, the music was perfect to set the mood. I'm glad that I had a chance to watch it. I especially loved all of the Bob Dylan references. I highly recommend Kisses!
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Five Word Review

By thecraziedcanadian
Written July 19, 2010
Awsome Irish Cute Funny Growing-Up
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